June Update

“Gardeners’ World at 50”

A new exhibition is now open at RHS Lindley Library. Entitled Gardeners’ World at 50 the exhibition will run until 18th August. Tracing the history of this long-running TV programme the exhibition explores the programme’s influence on the development of gardening over the past 50 years. For more information visit https://www.rhs.org.uk/shows-events/viewevent?EFID=412&ESRC=CMS

LECTURE: The 18th Century English Landscape Garden as a Work of Art

Wednesday, 19th July at 11.00am. Painshill

Long-standing volunteer and guide, Bill Tomlins, will explore the ideas that promoted the new naturalistic style of gardening that emerged during the eighteenth century. He will compare this to earlier gardening styles and the influence from prose, poetry and art that were then reflected in the landscape at Painshill.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Painshill and the influences that surrounded the creation of this historic landscape.

The Lecture is free but ADVANCED BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL http://www.painshill.co.uk/the-18th-century-english-landscape-garden-as-a-work-of-art__trashed/

Also more information is now available about the Painshill September conference posted in our April Update The Temple in the Garden which will explore Italy and the English Landscape Garden. http://www.painshill.co.uk/conference/


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