As the COVID-19 virus keeps us in lockdown, albeit now slightly relaxed, we are offering our members a monthly Gardens Quiz.

Each month we will put up images of 12 gardens, all of which have been visited by Birkbeck Garden History Group at least once. Please note that each photograph has a date beside it: this is the date when the photograph was taken, NOT the year when BGHG visited, although in some cases these might be the same. Answers will be posted here are the beginning of the following month.


Gardens Quiz_OCTOBER_2020

Gardens Quiz_OCTOBER_2020 clues


Gardens Quiz_SEPTEMBER_2020

Gardens Quiz_September_2020 clues

Gardens Quiz_September_ 2020 Answers


For August we have a different type of quiz in the format of a list of 20 clues the answer to each being the common name of a flower.

What Flower Quiz_August_ 2020

What Flower Quiz_August_ 2020 Answers

JULY 2020

July 2020 Gardens Quiz

Clues to the Gardens Quiz_JULY_2020

Gardens Quiz_July_ 2020 Answers

JUNE 2020

Access Gardens Quiz_June 2020

As previously we have provided some Gardens Quiz_June 2020 clues

Gardens Quiz_June_ 2020 Answers

MAY 2020 

Access Gardens Quiz_May 2020

Should you need some help we have also provided some Gardens Quiz_May 2020 clues

Gardens Quiz_May 2020 Answers