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The Garden Historians

Thursday 13 June – Friday 14 June 2019 at Highgate Literary & Scientific Institution
The Early 18th Century English Garden 
This course will trace the development of garden design through an exploration of gardens including Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, Stowe, Claremont, Rousham, and Chiswick House. Designers/influencers examined will include George London and Henry Wise, Charles Bridgeman, Lord Burlington, William Kent, Alexander Pope, and John Vanbrugh.

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Cambridge University Botanic Garden, Cambridge

Exploring Women in Garden History – All sessions take place on Friday mornings 10.00 -13.00.  Cost for each session £5.00

Session 1: Eve at the Easel: exploring three artists whose lives were expressed through their art but in very different circumstances Friday 8 March 

Session 2: Eve at the page: exploring the extraordinary life of Mrs Jane Loudon (1807-1858) author of ‘Gardening for Ladies’.  Friday 5 April.

Session 3: Eve Beyond he Garden Gate: exploring the lives and contributions of botanists and plant hunters Lady Anne Monson (1726-1776), and Mrs Anna Maria Walker (1778-1852) Friday 3 May

Session 4: Eve in the borders: Exploring two women who both complement and contrast in their approach, attitudes and the manner in which gardening defined their lives. Friday 7 June

STUDY DAY – Garden History in 10 Objects: Join garden historian Letta Jones for an interactive day featuring a ‘hands on’ sessions with ten fascinating objects Friday 1 November 10.00 -16.00 Cost £70.00

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Cambridge University Department of Continuing Education


10:00 The drivers of plant hunting (then and now)
11:15 Coffee
11:45 Where and how to go plant hunting
13:00 Lunch
14:00 The great plant hunters
15:15 Tea
15:30 The modern-day plant hunters
16:45 Day school ends

Tutor – Dr Sandy Primrose

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Oxford  University Department of Continuing Education, Oxford

Wednesday 3 July – Thursday 4 July 2019
Understanding and Conserving Historic Gardens and Designed Landscapes
This course is aimed at trustees, volunteers and staff responsible for managing or working in an historic garden or designed landscape, having to deal with the day to day challenge of balancing the conservation needs of an historic site and a tourist attraction.

Heritage Values and the Assessment of Significance
Weds 25 – Fri 27 September 2019
This 2-day course will explore the concept of Significance and its relevance to the planning process, including consideration of why heritage matters, assessing significance and preparation of Statements of Significance and how they can be used.

Denman College, Oxfordshire

Sunday 30 June – Tuesday 2 July 2019
GARDENS of DELIGHT (2 nights)
A chance to explore Rousham, an 18th century William Kent masterpiece, and compare and contrast it with Tom Stuart-Smith’s design for Broughton Grange from 2001. These two delightful gardens, plus a variety of others, will be explored a colourful presentations.

Wednesday 10 July – Friday 12 July 2019
Arts & Crafts gardens such as Kelmscot were a fantastic source of inspiration for William Morris in his wallpaper designs. The course includes visits to Hidcote Manor and Snowshill Manor. These two delightful gardens, plus a variety of others, will be explored in a colourful presentation.

Wednesday 17 July – Friday 19 July 2019
The Tudors and subsequent monarchs set aside large areas of what is now greater London as hunting grounds for sport and entertaining foreign dignitaries. This course traces their history and highlights those areas of London that remain, including a trip to the Capital, exploring Royal Parks that have been transformed into public open spaces of beauty.

Wednesday 21 August – Friday 23 August 2019
This course, which includes a full day visit to Stowe Landscape Gardens, will explore at examples from all over the country to assess the huge variety that exist and hear stories about their builders.

Monday 2 September – Wednesday 4 September 2019
This course will explore the history and development of Oxford college gardens from their monastic foundations to the present day. Visits will be made to several gardens and others will be experienced through discussion and colourful presentations.

Monday 21 October – Wednesday 23 October 2019
This course will explore the history of Chiswick House – one of the most glorious examples of 18th Century Neo-Palladian British architecture, a unique collaboration between Lord Burlington and his protégé William Kent; and Osterley Park and house, redesigned by Robert Adam in the late 18th century for the Child family.

Denman College offers a wide range of garden history-related short courses. Courses in 2020 include: Cotswold Gardens (29 April – 1 May, 2020 and 18 May – 20 May 2020); Oxford College Gardens Part I (24 – 26 August 2020); Special Gardens of Hampshire ( 20 -22 May 2020); Gardens of Delight (15 – 17 June 2020);

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